Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book my event?
For small orders 2 days lead is suggested. For larger parties, one week in advance is recommended. If your event is on a popular day or holiday or you are looking for a customized order, we suggest booking at least two weeks in advance.

 Is there a minimum order?
We sell by the platter with a minimum of two dozen of any one kind. $45 minimum order.

What services do you offer?
We can provide theme tables and servers to complement your event.  If you have a special design or color we can match the gelicacies to fit. We can also do drop and go catering if you're working on a tighter budget.  Some of our pieces do require special handling and  set-up so they can not be done drop and go.

Are all your pieces made with alcohol?
No, we have our regular Gelicacies in all-ages friendly form. We also have our Gelology After Dark collection which are made with liquor for fun and flavoring.   

Can I place an order for one kind in both Gelicacy and After Dark form?
No. To avoid confusion, we don't allow an order to have the same kind in both a Gelicacy and After Dark form.

How strong are your edible cocktails?
Gelology After Dark edible cocktails fall under Massachusetts confectionary limits. They are made with liquor for flavoring and novelty- these aren't your frat brothers' jello shots!  If you desire a higher proof shot and you, your main caterer or your event space have a liquor license, we can work under that liquor license.

When should I tell you about any allergies or dietary restrictions?
Please let us know at the time of ordering of any dietary restrictions. Many of our pieces contain milk products which can be substituted for almond or soy milk. 

Are the Gelicacies and Edible Cocktails gluten free?
Many of our pieces are naturally gluten-free.  We can substitute with gluten-free ingredients at an additional cost. Please let us know at time of ordering.

Do you have vegetarian choices? 
Gelatin is an animal product so it is not vegetarian friendly.  However we do make gelicacies with carageenan and other natural animal-free ingredients.  Some pieces can be made with a vegetarian substitute for additional pricing. 

Isn't gelatin made from horse hooves?! 
No! Who started this rumor? 

Can you customize an order? 
Gelology can definitely create customized pieces, trays, and event tables for your event.  Take a look at the Customized Events under the Menu page.

Are you a licensed caterer?
Yes!  We are a fully licensed and insured specialty catering company and work out of a commercial kitchen in Somerville, MA.   

Will the gelicacies melt before the event?
Our gelicacies and edible cocktails are good at room temperature (68˚F) for up to 3 hours.  You can store them in the fridge or cooler before the event. Never freeze them!  We can provide insulated bags or cooler boxes for proper temperature storage up until the event for additional cost. 

Does Gelology offer classes?
You bet! Check our events schedule for upcoming workshops. We teach out of our home space at Kitchen Inc. in Union Square. We  have also taught the PaintNite flagship event space, Worcester Poly Tech,  The Cambridge Science Festival, UMass Lowell, and Bridgewater State Univeristy.