Classic Menu

Our Gelicacies are all-ages friendly gourmet gelatin desserts and apps
 made with the finest ingredients in unique shapes.
These bite-size pieces taste as good as they look.  

The classic menu is available year round.

Gelicacies are sold by the platter with a minimum of two dozen of one kind.
 Go to CONTACT to order.  See FAQ for more information.

*contains milk




Organic white grape juice, elderflower and lemon juice gelee w/ fresh raspberries magically suspended inside


Strawberry Basil Gelee w/ Sour Cream Panna Cotta*

Strawberry juice and gelatin topped with a
vanilla bean sour cream panna cotta

Salted Caramel Chocolate Pudding*

Rich creamy chocolate pudding, homemade caramel gelee and sea salt   


Roses & Raz  

Raspberry juice and gelatin, lime juice, sparkling white grape juice and rose water

Sriracha Shotchas BG.jpg

Sriracha Shotchas

 Layers of lime and pineapple gelatin and sweetened coconut milk and topped with spicy sriracha