Are you having a themed wedding or party? We can work with you to create unique flavors and shapes to complement your theme.  

Check out some of the customized pieces, trays and event tables for past clients. 

Pricing varies on size, complexity and cost of materials to develop your customized pieces. 

Customized pieces


Edible logos on flavored gelatin. Logo layer can be made
with milk, coconut milk or almond milk. 




3-D works of art. Have you ever had an edible snow globe?
This is the ultimate in art you can eat!
 Hearts, graduation caps, stars, and diamond rings are just some of the available shapes. 

Customized Trays

Barn Wedding Cocktail Hour at Smolak Farms 2012

Customized Event tables

Biotech themed Gelaboratory table at Swissnex  Spring 2012

The Mustachio Bashio at City Table  April 2014